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Committed to clients and their goals

With an investment philosophy deeply rooted at the core of Mason Baxter's ethos, our professionals remain wholeheartedly committed to providing clients with an investment experience that is unparalleled. Through a discretionary approach to portfolio management and by making our clients and their success our ultimate aim, we are able to adhere to the founding principles that have rewarded our clients through a series of economic cycles.

Responsible for your investment success

Mason Baxter investment portfolios are constructed around the individual requirements of each client under our care. By taking the time to understand you as a professional, as a person and as an investor, your dedicated Mason Baxter account manager is equipped with the necessary components that helps to create an asset allocation policy directly targeted to meeting your needs.

As responsible investment professionals, focused on your success, we deliver advice and services that are impartial, flexible and realistic. We maintain a flexible approach to the design and management of client portfolios, which allows for adaptability and responsiveness during times of market volatility and potential changes to personal circumstance.

Generating wealth across multiple generations

With a business model dependent on sustaining client retention we make clients and their financial wellbeing the focus of our efforts. We have experienced the power that positive word of mouth creates as we continue to develop new relationships whilst maintaining longstanding connections with families of multiple generations.

We are proud to serve a distinguished group of sophisticated investors who recognize the value by which our approach to business creates.

Contemporary research applications

Under the present economic climate where traditional buy and hold policies are all but redundant, investors are challenged as they seek to overcome the difficulties caused by stagnation in investment theory. Whilst equity investment remains at our core, we help clients to diversify their assets through alternative forms of investment that seek to deliver risk-adjusted investment returns that are more advantageous to underlying portfolio success.

As we seek to provide innovative opportunities we must be sure that investments remain within the reasonable confines of returns in line with risk levels assumed. To achieve an acceptable safeguard we deploy substantial resources, both in house and external, to a dedicated research effort that addresses economic concern on a micro and macro level.

Impartially independent

Founded as a partnership, Mason Baxter has maintained an independent status as we believe that our ability to deliver upon impartial advice is a modern advantage that attracts likeminded, sophisticated private investors.

We believe that the responsibility to manage the financial affairs of our client base is an honour dictated by our values as professionals and our by ethics as respectable humans. As such, our professionals are selected on their merits as financial experts, and perhaps of equal importance, recruited by the nature of their personality and disposition.

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