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Making the first steps towards a better, brighter financial future. As our client you can expect to receive a personalized service at every stage of the financial management experience.

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A customized service

At Mason Baxter we focus on the delivery of superior investment management services that are specialist in terms of the exposure to value-based investment opportunities, and through the execution of strategy by our financial management professionals.

Long-term investment approach

Working closely with clients we are able to develop an in-depth understanding of his or her investment objectives and the expectations they wish to achieve during the course of the maturity horizon. To deliver upon investment objectives we present new clients with a series of investment strategies that each have a fundamental end goal but may differ slightly as milestones are set to accommodate important life events.

Approach to investment

Mason Baxter's Discretionary Management Service is primarily built around a client specific asset allocation policy that incorporates individual equities, fixed income vehicles, mutual funds and alternative investments.

The development of individual asset allocation policies is a process of examination as our portfolio management specialists assess the circumstances, financial capabilities and client risk tolerance to determine asset selection and weighted balance. Our analytical approach of the financial market place typically combines top-down macro-economic enquiry with a bottom-up asset selection process in summary of fundamental analysis.

Client introductory period

The decision to delegate important matters such as your financial management to a professional firm is one that we understand is not taken lightly. As our sustainability as a business is dependent on client success and their trust, we typically introduce clients to our services by capping the principle investment during a probationary period of six to twelve months.

We therefore do not, unlike many independent asset management firms, demand a minimum principle investment amount as we prefer clients to get a feel of how we operate and experience our performance as investment professionals.

What to expect from Mason Baxter

On top of delivering above and beyond your investment expectations, you can be sure to receive an exceptional level of client services as we look to develop our relationship with you. As part of our dedication to client satisfaction, our professionals aim to become your primary, trusted and valued professional financial adviser.

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