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Institutional level fund investments

For investors seeking to diversify capital across a large number of assets, the Mason Baxter Mutual Fund Management service provides the ability for clients to participate in a larger investment pool than would typically be possible on an individual basis.

The Mason Baxter Mutual Fund Management service presents an ideal solution for clients to invest on behalf of family members such as a spouse, children and grandchildren. As the nature of mutual funds do not demand a high entry level contribution, the strategy is geared towards delivering steady growth over a long-term horizon as independent managers operate on a discretionary basis that aligns with the funds objectives.

Fund manager selection

Introducing clients to Mutual Funds carries equal levels of responsibility in our decision making process as it would if delivered by our own Discretionary Management service. With this responsibility we continue to utilize our tried and tested investment process that considers client needs and objectives as we seek to marry those preferences with mutual funds that we believe demonstrate the attributes of sustainable performance.

Our assessment diligence also places significant emphasis on the fund manager credentials such as historical performance in relation to other leading performers, his or her approach to dividend distributions and his or her ability to manage through a series of market cycles.

Achieve asset diversification

By investing through a managed mutual fund your capital is professionally diversified across a number of asset classes often located in a number of key jurisdictions. The benefits of investing in a diversified fund present you with three distinctive objective options;


Income and Growth


Discover our mutual fund options

If you are interested in putting your investment capital to work through exposure to institutional level mutual funds, contact us to discuss your objectives with a qualified Mason Baxter financial professional.

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