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Portfolio management with a difference

Our flagship Discretionary Management service combines the knowledge and expertise of our professionals with a core set of investment fundamentals that seek to deliver an investment experience above and beyond your expectations.

The Mason Baxter Discretionary Management service considers what is important to you in the present, whilst helping you to realize a vision of the future.

Time saving wealth generation

Suitable for investors who may not have the time or necessary knowhow to efficiently manage their portfolio on a day-to-day basis; our Discretionary Management service presents a stress free way of putting your capital to work.

Building on the foundations of success

Our Discretionary Management service is delivered on the foundation of three core components that we believe are paramount to the realization of client specific, risk-adjusted returns;

Trust - We believe trust is gained by delivering upon promises. Mason Baxter clients are frequently presented with expectation appraisals that act as a performance measure in respect of absolute investment returns. By delivering upon client expectations we become a trusted adviser of choice.

Confidence - Developed as a result of maintaining trust, our clients are confident in our ability to meet their investment needs and expectations. We believe that in order to deliver a first-in-class investment experience, clients remain comfortable in the knowledge that we deliver services that are appropriate to their circumstances.

Knowing that we deliver upon our promises provides clients with the reassurance that they have chosen a world class investment team capable of advancing their wealth.

Communication - Providing frequent commentary and detailed reports is paramount to the success of a discretionary relationship. By the nature of the service, Discretionary Management does not require client authorization to execute a transaction. However as part our commitment to client service standards, reporting systems are developed around the convenience of each client. Depending on client preferences, our professionals are able to provide periodic performance updates through a number of delivery mediums on top of frequent statement and analysis issues.

Leverage upon our expertise

As the global financial markets become more regulated and complex by the day, many clients prefer to delegate the arduous investment management processes towards a Discretionary Management service such as ours.

Should you require further information on how we can provide you with a Discretionary Management service, please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion with a qualified Mason Baxter financial adviser.

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