About Us

A bespoke approach

Mason Baxter presents a first-in-class, bespoke investment management service that seeks to exceed the individual demands of our global client base. As the global financial landscape continues to fluctuate with increased levels of volatility, we believe private investors require an investment management service that is targeted towards meeting his or her specific needs. As such, helping our clients to navigate the increasing complex financial markets requires a focused management approach that places an emphasis on client circumstances.

Investing for the long-term

As financial markets continue to display attributes of inefficiency, we maintain the belief that under a diligent research and asset selection effort, value based investment opportunities remain present irrespective of market conditions. With this in mind, by taking a long-term approach to the management of investment capital, clients are best positioned to preserve the value of wealth whilst generating sustainable gains on capital.

Responsible custodians of your wealth

As a Mason Baxter client you have direct and unrestricted access to a dedicated point of contact who is responsible for overseeing the efficient management of your account. Your account manager will liaise with a coordinated team here at Mason Baxter who is in turn responsible for developing an asset allocation policy that is entirely unique to your specific circumstances and investment expectations.

This focused and dedicated team-based approach has been incorporated into the way in which we have developed successful client-adviser relationships since the inception of Mason Baxter. We believe that this differentiated, bespoke approach to client relationship management sets us apart from the larger investment institutions that typically present shelf-based product offerings to their clients.

Trust created through service and performance

As an independent provider of asset management services and wealth advisory solutions, we understand that the success of our firm is heavily correlated to client satisfaction.

We base client satisfaction levels on two distinctive metrics;

Our Performance as investment professionals ultimately dictates the satisfaction of each client. We frequently provide clients with an expectation benchmark as a performance measure.

To ensure that our performance exceeds the pre-determined performance benchmark, we focus on an absolute return policy that utilizes the wider economy as a benchmark instead of the more typical metrics that assume success irrespective of absolute gains.

Our Service as administrative professionals performs a commentary and reporting function that is paramount to effectively communicating the activities of your managed account.

Continuous performance analysis enables us to identify asset allocation imbalance and to recommend workable solutions in order to maintain strategic direction.

On top of daily performance analysis, our administrative professionals ensure that your assets are held securely through the maintenance of industry standard information technology systems.

Helping you to become financially efficient

However you visualize your future, Mason Baxter is here to help you become more financially efficient as together we work towards creating a customized strategy that is entirely focused on your financial wellbeing and that of your loved ones.

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